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Single sounds awesome! Right? For those of us who don’t want to settle down, vast stretches of untouched, empty sheet with spare pillows, as cool and clean as a glacier, awaits us every night to keep company. Let’s celebrate this luxurious symbol of opportunity by rolling around in like a cocker spaniel in snow. Stretch, swoosh your limbs and sleep diagonally and Bang! You feel alone! In a nutshell, being single depends on your perception of life, freedom and free will, that it can be a souvenir or a torment depending on your attitude.

Feels good :)

Let’s be honest. One of the greatest advantages of being single is the limitless opportunities of freedom with zero sabotaging intimacy. If you want to go fishing in the middle of the night, be my guest! You can go do literally whatever tickles your fancy. In short, you could move out of town, or country for that matter, meet strangers and make friends, travel around the world for the rest of the your life, stay focused and attain goals, it’s a Jackpot!

Though beware, not having to answer to anyone is addictive!

Feels bad :(

When you have had the worst hangover in the history of alcoholics, you would appreciate waking up to a morning coffee and a lovely smile. There would be moments in life you really really want to share with someone with same taste as yours. But the worst part, being single could get lonely, unless you don’t get bored of your own company. Spending rainy nights curled up on the couch alone could result in an instant proposal with a stranger in disguise.

So there you have it! my advice, make the most of 'being single' before you fall in love again!