Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy outlines and describes our products, services, their use, retention and protection of information used and transmitted on our website. This policy is applicable to all the information or products made available on the website for buying or selling purposes. By utilizing our services or registering with us you agree to the terms and conditions and accepting our privacy policy. So read carefully as the website will reserve the right to take action accordingly if any law has been broken.

Any company or dealer you are doing business with like selling or buying will be your data collector and reserve the right to use your information or personal data for the purpose of transaction process. However they will bind by the Global standards and applicable national laws for the use, retention and disclosure of your information. Your data controller may share your information to the third party for the provision of services he offered. In addition the website will also retain your personal information provided voluntarily on our servers for different progressive purposes. For example we can use your information to improve the quality of our services and to improve your browsing experience on our website and to contact you for personal advertisement and marketing. We can also use this information to inform you about any scam or fraud that we noticed on our website.