Terms and Conditions

Mutjar is created to give our clients an open and enjoyable experience however we do have some terms and conditions that have to be abide before you participate in any activity with the website. Carefully read the terms and conditions presented below and feel free to contact us if you feel that any rules are being violated during your interaction with the website.

Termination of Rights

Mutjar possesses the right to terminate any service or auction of product available on the website at any time. If the management feels that there is any violation of rules on part of customers or sellers then they can cancel the process without formally notifying about their action.

Responsibility of conduct

You are fully responsible of all of your actions that might occur during transaction of buying or selling process. All the process should carry out according to the website rules and regulations mentioned. Serious action could be taken against the concerned authority if any violation of the rules will be noticed. All items that require legal paper work and license should be sold or buy accordingly. No harmful, harassing, illegal, abusive or threating items will be allowed to display or sell on the website. In case of any termination of order the website will reserve the right to charge you according to set contract. Mutjar also does not allow users to send spam to multiple clients.

Membership Criteria

Mutjar offer selling services to only those who fulfill the legal binding contract with the website. All the members should provide authentic required informationbefore registering them with the website.

Mutjar is only a platform

It is important to understand that Mutjar is only a platform and act as a venue for sellers and retailers to display their products and sell them to customer. The owners of the website are not responsible for any transaction process between the buyers and the sellers. Therefore we’ll not accept any legal claim that might occur as a result of conflict between vendor and the customers.

Commission Fee

The owner will charge specific commission fee for different categories as described ahead. For “Electronics” 10% ,For “Fashion” 10% , For “Collectibles & Art” 12% , For “Home & Garden” 12% , For “Sports & Fitness” 13% , For “Other” 13% .All these commission fees are subject to change and the owner reserve the right to change them anytime and will not accept any claim against them.

User Regulations

The users must agree that Mutjar will not be responsible for any of the third part statement or action they’ll be dealing with. All information whether personal or professional provided by the user to the vendor will be on their own risk and the website will not take responsibility of any misuse of the information by the third party or service provider. All the services or products obtained by client will be at their own risk. They will be provided on “as available” or “as is” basis. The website will not be responsible for any kind of loss or damage to the item during the transaction process.

Service or Product Modification

Mutjar reserve all the rights to change, modify or cancel the availability of any service or product that has been sold under their platform and will not accept any legal claim for any of the loss that might occur due to their action.

By reading the above mentioned terms and conditions you agree to utilize the website content and information according to the regulations mentioned above.

Refund policy

The general rules for our refund policy are listed below. Returning items should fulfill the criteria as described below otherwise the website will not accept the refund request. Mutjar offers refund policy to items which fulfill one or more of the following listed conditions:

  • Delivered to the client in physically damaged condition
  • Delivered to the client with missing part or accessory
  • Delivered to the client as different to what has been displayed on the website
  • Delivered to the client in non functioning order

However products that have been labelled nonrefundable or returnable will not fall into this category.

  1. All the items to be refund or return should be in their original condition and price tags must be intact. All other items like manual card, warranty and original accessories should also be return back in the box they arrived.
  2. Any personal information attached or printed to the return item should be removed by the client. The website will take no responsibility of the usage or misuse of such information.
  3. Items will not be return on the basis of “no longer needed” or incorrect choice of buyer about the model, color or size of product.

Mostly the refund is adjusted automatically for restocking or reshipping fee or charges. However if you receive the item totally different as mentioned in the listing or damage then you get total refund including product price and shipping charges.

Return Shipping Charges

Mostly the return shipping charges depend upon the shipping criteria of the seller. Some sellers have the policy that their clients will pay the return shipment expenses while some offer free return shipping. You should check the return shipping policies of the seller’s company before making any purchase.